René Kraatz – Executive Chef

To learn his trade, our executive chef moved from Berlin to the Black Forest, where he worked at the renowned Restaurant Linde in Villingendorf. After several stints in Frankfurt, including at Michelin-starred restaurants, he returned to Baden-Württemberg, where he hand-cut spaetzle at Rudolf Schmölz’s “Fässle Le Restaurant,” until he was a master of the craft. Since 2010, before joining our team, he had been working as an executive chef in Hamburg, Vienna, Munich and Jena. In René Richter he found a counterpart who shares his enthusiasm for an exacting product philosophy. The key elements of fine dining cuisine in his eyes are fresh and exceptionally delicious ingredients, which he prepares with lots of passion and beautifully presents for every guest to enjoy.

Fabian Winkler - Maître

Fabian honed his skills as a professional in hospitality at the renowned Suvretta House in St. Moritz under the legendary Maître d'Hôtel Claudio Molinari. The Suvretta House was also the platform from which he reached out to the restaurant that operated under the name Kamp’ner Pesel at the time, where he worked side-by-side with René Richter for two years. Subsequently, he worked for Daniel Achilles in Berlin at the “reinstoff” operated by the Edison Höfe. That’s where he heard about the idea of establishing Richter`s Fine Dining in Stuttgart. He instantly liked the concept and is now very happy to be able to share his many years of experience as well as his passion for gastronomy as the restaurant’s maître with its patrons in Stuttgart. What makes him so unique is his attention to detail and the high bar he sets as far as perfect enjoyment is concerned.

Marcus Stich - Sommelier

Marcus completed his training as a restaurateur at the “Gasthof zum Ochsen” in Kernen-Stetten. During his apprenticeship he discovered wines and their diversity. Henceforth, he passionately explored every nuance that makes a vintage special. At the Wielandshöhe, he made amazing progress as a sommelier under his teacher, Bernd Kreis, who was considered Europe’s best sommelier at the time. At Richter’s, Marcus Stich found himself a member of a team of like-minded individuals who celebrate the legacy of gastronomic values. He takes particular pride in hospitable service and cordial interactions paired with his Swabian sense of humour, which may, on occasion be as dry as some of the wines he serves.