About René Richter

My name is René Richter. I was born on the Island of Usedom in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. I trained as a professional restaurateur and chef. Before moving to Stuttgart I was the chef at the Kamp’ner Pesel on the Island of Sylt for many years. I love to eat and enjoy delightful drinks. I am driven by the desire to learn everything about every food product I work with.  I get a big kick out of experimenting in the kitchen. However, being a host is my greatest passion – at home as well as in the restaurant. I want my guests to feel right at home and well taken care of when they spend time with me as their host. If they’re not happy, I’m not happy.

Our Philosophy

We have a deep appreciation for every product we work with. We maintain trust-based relationships with our partners and vendors. Most of them are successful family-operated businesses steeped in years of tradition. Their products make very important contributions to the fine quality Richter’s serves on every plate. The guest must be able to experience our passion and enthusiasm for gourmet food with every sense. What’s more: Our servings are generous and you’ll never leave hungry.